Leveraging Technology in the 21st Century Teacher Education

The first Edition of the EdTechCoE webinar series took place on Thursday, 25th of March 2021 with Prof. Ayotola Aremu, Profesor of Education Technology at the University of Ibadan and Wale Ogunjobi Co-Founder and CEO of SabiTeach presenting.

The topic addressed was “Leveraging Technology in the 21st Century Teacher Education. As we know that COVID-19 has disrupted every aspect of Education including the Teacher Education. The demand for Teachers to up-skill and make the most of Technology in their teaching is much higher now than ever before. This will continue for the foreseeable future till Technology becomes a normal part of everyday teaching and learning in our schools.

Teachers are at the center of all of this and their education must align to the accelerated changes we are experiencing in Education leveraging on Technology. We invited the two speakers to address the topic and they did justice to the topic within the short time allotted for the webinar. The knowledge and insights shared was priceless both for Teacher Education and Technology integration.

Prof. Ayotola Aremu highlighted those areas of knowledge crucial for integrating technology into Teacher Education, the essential 21st Century skills and how it fits into the Teacher Education, tools and reasons why technology is necessary among many others. While Wale Ogunjobi brought to our attention the opportunities there are for Teachers to equip themselves with skills to leverage Technology in their teaching as well as the challenges that could be limiting factors.

He also highlighted the ways to use Technology in the 21st Century for Teachers education and training and the right tools to use for the right purpose. The Teachers models how to use Technology to their students as role models, which means Teachers need to be at the forefront of Technology.

In the question and answer section, Professor Ayotola Aremu went down memory lane of the evolution of Technology for teaching and learning through the years she has been in Education up to the current moment. While Wale Ogunjobi likened the solution to the problem of enforcement of Technology skills for Teacher to that of the current enforcement of the NIN registration in Nigeria.

The webinar was fully packed with nuggets of knowledge and information that supports the reasons to leverage technology in the 21st Century Teacher Education as well as challenges that hinders this and some solutions we can consider as individual Teachers and Institutions. We have made the recording available for those who attended to review and those absent to catch up.

The EdTechCOE webinar series addressing Teachers competence in the post-COVID era is a monthly event we would want you to have in your calendar. This webinar takes place in the last Thursday of every month and we will start notifying you in about two weeks before the event. We welcome contributions form all Education professionals, Students and Education stakeholders. Leave your comments or send us your contribution in the form of articles that we can publish on our website to engage other members and keep the conversation going on this topical issue.

You can download presentations from the speakers from this link:

Professor Ayotola Aremu: Leveraging Technology in the 21st Century Teacher Education

Wale Ogunjobi: Leveraging Technology in the 21st Century Teacher Education

At the EdTechCoE, we have been supporting Educators and Learners to up-skill and leverage on Technology through various programs and events. Check out our current events page for programs we currently run or e-mail us to find out more.

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