CcHUB EdTEch Fellowship Graduates from TASUED

Meet the fellows from TASUED, who successfully completed the 7-months CcHUB EdTech Fellowship sponsored by the Act Foundation.

The aim of the fellowship is to:

  1. Empower fellows with the knowledge and skills required to become EdTech professionals and build a career in this sector.
  2.  Build Fellows practical skills by designing and developing contextually relevant digital learning resources that align to the needs of the stakeholders (students, parents and teachers) through an internship.
  3. Contribute to a thriving EdTech ecosystem on the continent that delivers world class, 21st century learning experiences across our various education institutions, through various community events, resulting in the growth and development of the continent.

These fellows are the first cohort of a pipeline of digital instructional designers with the knowledge and skills to create quality and contextually relevant digital resources.

During the fellowship they got to learn about:

  • The state of basic education (k-12) in Africa, Leveraging technology to transform Education on the continent: Challenges and Constraints to the effective application and adoption of technology for education. 
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning and apply it in designing digital learning resources and understanding the various Phases of Inquiry-Based Learning.
  • HCD Phases and tools-using the persona tool, crafting a problem statement. Story-boarding.
  • Various types of EdTech tools and terminologies and their applications across different use cases.

The fellows completed a practicum applying all they have learnt to co-create digital labs with teachers who are subject-matter experts in the concept they chose to work on. Links to the resulting prototypes can be found in the attached portfolio.

The fellows completed this fellowship having developed knowledge, skills and understanding in Instructional Design, Human centre design, bloom’s taxonomy, Inquiry-Based learning, learning experience and digital resources design, EdTech tools terminologies and usage, critical and analytical thinking, problem identification and solving, team working and collaboration, communication and presentation as well as creativity.

At the EdTechCOE, we aim to accelerate research and development in the application of technology for teaching, learning and management of education in Africa. The CcHUB EdTech fellowship is one of the many ways we are using to achieve this aim.

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